Holdem Poker Games

New Great Features

Kings club poker is providing players with the latest Version 5.0 of Poker Software.
The new Poker Software has the hottest features, which is sure to enhance your gaming experience.
The Version 5.0 of the Poker Software provides with a number of variations of the poker tables where there are new tourneys and real money gaming options.

• You have the massive opportunity to make winnings in the Bounty Tourneys!
• You have an entirely latest method to play in the Shootout Tourneys!
• The Kings club poker ’s massive Bad Beat Jackpot will give ring game players with the option of making thousands of dollars in winnings.

Here is a quick look in to the Kings club poker ’s bonus features:

• Bad Beat Jackpot! Is available ring games that are labeled for “bad beat jackpot”, 50 cent from every pot in a table of more than 4 players will be included to the Bad Beat Jackpot.

• Bounty Tournaments! Consists of an extra Bounty buy-in amount, which the poker players will be able to win if they are going to eliminate other players from the tourney. For every player you kick out of the table, you get a Bounty Sum.  Here is your chance to earn by eliminating players apart from just completing with the money winning in the standard tourney structure.

• Shootout Tournaments! Consists of a number of rounds of single table tourneys and the top poker player from every table will be advancing to play in the next round, making their advancement until just one final table is formed.

• Deal it Twice!  Is there in Select ring games, the option to be able to deal both the turn & river cards twice will be there when there are going to be two players playing in the all-in situation. This novice feature is known as the “last word” in the online poker sphere, which is made available for you here at Kings club poker .

• Bounty promotion! Apart from all the above said Hottest Grand Features, all of these branded features come with a supplementary Bounty promotion in a way to upgrade your play!
We have initiated the Bounty Graveyard, where you can document your check-ups to your “kills” and “deaths” in the Player Admin Section! Each day the top poker player will be able to share prize money of $150!

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