Most of you will say that winning roulette systems can’t exist. I want to prove you the opposite and to explain what mean a winning roulette system and where it can be used.
Before to start I want to suggest you to make a difference between an existing winning roulette system for an existing sequence and a winning roulette system for an unknown sequence.

So we can have two cases: one is when we know from the beginning till the end a sequence of numbers from a roulette game and the other is the game process itself when we get a new number after each spin.

So in first case when we know whole sequence from the beginning till the end then we can make for such sequence a winning roulette system. Believe me I don’t talk about short sequence built from 1000 or 100 000 or even several millions of numbers. I talk about very big sequence which may contain up to 2000 000 000 numbers.

So this prove us only one thing that show us that every sequence of numbers have at least one or several winning roulette systems.

Ok I had several such experiments during which I made different roulette systems for very big sequences.
How this can be done?
First of all we should start with the nature of RNG and this mean we should know more about RNG limits.
Did you ask yourself why online casinos set for their roulette game min and max balance?
If you don’t know why, then I will tell you that people from casinos know about RNG limits also they know that after these limits exist a lot of winning roulette systems which can be found by every average player.

Does this mean that we never will be able to win on online roulette due to these limits?
I am not sure that this is impossible but if we will check casinos winners page then we will find that every month in every online casino 5-7 roulette players win around 5000-7000 $ or Euro.

Most of you look always for easy money and easy solution and always are scammed.
Believe me easy money doesn’t exist and all who look for this always lose very easy their money.

Usually people like to read nice story and to look on fake images related to luxury life and finally try to believe that for 15$ they will get a winning roulette system that will bring them a lot of money.

Don’t be stupid for 15$ you never will get a winning roulette system or winning roulette solution.

Don’t buy ever any roulette system and instead of this try to make your own.

Most of players search for a roulette system and they forget that exist roulette tools which is more advanced than any roulette system.

First of all every roulette tool is built to generate, run and analyze any type of roulette systems but also may be some specialized roulette tools for specialized strategies.

So if you plan ever to win on online roulette then try only a professional approach by using roulette tools.

If you can be interested in tools about which I discussed above then all I can do it to recommend to join Money Maker Machine Network that have all these things. Also there you will be able to find result of our previous tests also some current and many other new investigations will be started soon. The best thing is that all about I talked can be tested on your own computer on your real money account using real money mode or real money mode with simulator that always will save you balance from any of your mistakes or misunderstanding.

Future winner you can do this but before this you should know that nobody except you can help yourself.
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